MLT, 2018. [commissioned]

78 x 60 fluid mixed media and acrylic on canvas.


Resurgence, 2018. [available]

24 x 24 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

It is said that looking upon a beach from the water signifies a returning to what once was; a resurgence. Pay close attention to what you see on the beach, because it may determine what this piece will symbolize for you. Is the beach rocky? A rocky beach can signify to you that you should tread carefully as you move forward, and it’s important to remain prepared for your journey may be painful if you are ill-equipped. Others may perceive a snowy beach, which can be symbolic of where you are emotionally. Have you been withdrawing from your emotions or from an emotional situation? Be sure to remind yourself that things are cyclical and return to normal, even if walking through the emotions in a cold may be difficult. 


Intimation, 2018 [available]

36 x 24 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

Historically the petrel has been used to symbolize a small but mighty whistle blower. The small sea bird’s name originates from the belief that when spotted, they were warning of an upcoming storm. If you are drawn to this piece, perhaps the petrel drawing you in to alert you to find protection from upcoming turbulence in your life. The stormy petrel is highly social, and has been known to trail behind boats and ships. You can count on the energy of this seabird when you need to delve into social situations in your personal or professional life. Perhaps you will utilize this energy to reinforce your social circle to weather upcoming disruptions. Storms come and go, but the stormy petrel navigates with tact and goes on to soar another day


Perspective, 2018 [sold]

36 x 12 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

An eagle emerges in this piece to bring us courage to stretch our limits and see things from a higher perspective. Eagles have been a symbol of courage around the world, and we can look the the eagle’s energy when we need to feel more self-assurance. The eagle is strong and accomplished. They soar higher than any other bird, catch prey with poise, and keeps a sharp focus on their goals. We can look to the way an eagle stretches their wings out as a lesson on the importance of allowing ourselves to stretch limits in order to get to our destination.


Wild, 2018 [available]

36 x 24 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

A boar emerges to remind us to live freely and fiercely. The lack of natural predators means the boar is able to do as it pleases most of the time. Boars are territorial and prefer solitude, lending to their free-spirited lifestyle. Perhaps the boar has came to remind you that self-care is not selfish; the boar can guide us to fulfill our own desires. The boar reminds us to live wild and free.


Balance, 2018 [available]

24 x 12 Fluid mixed media on canvas

A dolphin emerges in this piece to bring a spirit of playfulness and an energy of altruism. Perhaps these characteristics of dolphins can be looked at as a reminder to remain balanced between our altruistic ventures and our "play" time. If you are drawn to this piece, how can these energies serve you? 


Nurture, 2018. [commissioned]

60 x 48 Fluid Mixed Media on Canvas.

A goat comes across in this piece. With this caring and nurturing spirit creating safety, we can be comfortable to look to the goat to model self-assurance and exploration. Goats are curious animals, exploring their landscape and forever climbing new heights to gain new vantage points. The goat in this piece brings an energy of self-assurance and confidence to those who are open and willing to receive it. The viewer may tap into this energy when exploring a realm of themselves, their environment, or their spirituality. When we are feeling off balance, we can look to the agility of a goat. With precision and faith in their abilities, they climb and reach their goals, however small the ledge; the viewer can feel confident that they too, can readjust  positioning to experience that balance and reach our highest aspirations.


Guidance, 2017. [commissioned]

48 x 24 Fluid mixed media on canvas

Aurora Borealis has a pulsating energy of guidance. It brings you towards awareness and awakening, leading you gently towards your  potential. This piece brings the viewer closer to their potential by encouraging them to [create - follow - hear - listen - seek] their inner guidance. 


Resiliency, 2017 [sold]

24 x 12 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

Two ducks emerge in this painting bringing with them a reminder to adjust to change with grace and resiliency. Ducks remind us that it is okay to wander towards wherever our instincts lead us. With changing seasons comes a need to place ourselves elsewhere in the universe sometimes. These ducks bring an energy of perseverance and so called “diving in”; even if there is something blocking it’s way, the duck understands when the risk is necessary to get to the other side. If you are drawn to this painting, ask yourself what impending change these ducks have came to serve you through?


Drive, 2017 [sold]

24 x 24 Fluid Mixed Media on Canvas.

Sharks are often known for their fierce, sharp focus on their prey. They know what they want, and they go for it. Whether you strive to be more like the shark, or you see a shark character in yourself already, this painting will bring with it an energy of purpose, determination, and drive. 


Hummingbird, 2017 [sold]

48 x 24 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

After she left her physical body, my Grandmother has often visited our family members in the form of a Hummingbird. It is fitting that a hummingbird emerged in this piece my Mom was drawn to (before she noticed the hummingbird so beautifully gliding through the middle of this piece). I'm grateful to see my Grandmother's spirit in my work today, and that I get to visit this piece often.


Reign, 2017 [NFS]

12 x 9 Mixed media fluid acrylic and line work on canvas.

Lions have long been known to be the ruler of the jungle. Through freehand line work, a lion emerged in this image to cultivate energies that allow for successful leadership in the viewer. Perhaps you can look to this image to cultivate the brave, assertive qualities a lion possesses, or perhaps what would serve you best is to cultivate honour and integrity during this time. You are a multifaceted being, as are the energies this piece will cultivate. 


Protection, 2017 [available]

24 x 12 fluid mixed media on canvas.

An alligator is a fiercely protective spirit. It emerged in this painting to serve it's viewers - to cultivate protective energy, to demonstrate the beauty of this energy, or perhaps to absorb protective energy.


Courage, 2017 [sold]

8 x 8 Fluid mixed media on canvas

It is said that a rhino brings with it the message that "things are not always as they seem"... Just as I was feeling nervous and unsure about my next steps, "Courage" brought me the message that things aren't always as scary as they seem. Ask yourself - does this message serve your needs? 


Spirit, 2017 [NFS]

12 x 9 Fluid mixed media on canvas.

A friendly little smiling spirit came across in this one.


Pride, 2016 [sold]

Fluid mixed media on reclaimed wood panel.

Prosperous greens, inviting blues, and luxurious, creative purples make "Pride" a great addition to any space you'd like to feel confident and innovative